Competition sponsorship

Why get sponsorship?
It is amazing how a bit of prize money can stimulate interest in a mooting competition. Sponsorship can also allow the organisers to provide a buffet, to advertise the moot, and possibly to arrange some form of trophy.

Where from?
Before looking for money from private firms, it is worth remembering that some universities have a budget for mooting, and this may well cover trophy engraving and a buffet for the grand final.

Local law firms are often a good source of sponsorship funds if approached in the right way. One useful persuasion tactic is to offer to name the mooting competition after the sponsor.

A number of international London firms and major national players have been known to offer local sponsorship. Firms such as Herbert Smith and Lovells have been involved with mooting sponsorship in the past. The larger barristers chambers may also be interested.

Other organisations worth approaching are publishers. The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting is prepared to look at sponsorship for internal and local mooting competitions, whether organised by universities or student law societies. The sponsorship usually takes the form of subscriptions and books, and the ICLR may also be able to arrange a judge for the moot final. Contact Mary Fraser at ICLR for further details.

Other legal publishers, including Cavendish Publishing and Sweet & Maxwell have all been associated with mooting.

Lastly, recruitment agencies may be interested in getting their name known early amongst prospective lawyers.

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