Downloading and Printing from Portable Document Format

Portable Document Format or PDF for short, has been created by Adobe to provide a convenient way to share documents between computer systems. For copyright information and detailed instructions please check out Adobe's web site.

This page is designed to provide brief instructions to enable Mooting Net forms to be successfully printed.

To use documents in PDF format, you will need appropriate software. Adobe provide a piece of software for Windows, Macintosh and various other platforms called Adobe Acrobat Reader free from their web site. You can download a copy here.

To view and print MootingNet forms, you will need to first install the software, and then follow the procedure below:

Printing from browsers with plug-ins
The Windows versions of the following browsers can have plug-ins installed to view PDF documents online: Internet Explorer v.4 and above, Netscape v.4 and above and Opera v.3.6 and higher.

If you choose to install the plug-ins, then clicking with your left mouse button on a PDF link will load the plug-in and display the document. You can print the document directly from your browser by clicking on the printer icon on the left of the Adobe toolbar which appears.

Alternatively, you can save the PDF file to disk, and then print it at your leisure offline. This is done by right clicking on the link to the PDF file. A menu will appear. In Internet Explorer, select 'Save target as...' You can then choose where to save the file.

Depending on your system set up, double clicking on the saved file may load Adobe Acrobat Reader. Alternatively, load the software, and click on open in the file menu and select the PDF file. To print, click on 'Print...' in the file menu.

Printing from browsers without plug-ins
Left clicking on the link to the PDF file will download it. Follow the procedure for loading and printing the file as above.

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