JPEG File Format

MootingNet mooting forms are provided in JPEG graphic format for those who are unable to run Adobe PDF software. The JPEG files are large, and will take some time to download. Their size means that at least 16 mb of free RAM will be needed to view the pages this way.

Most browsers will download and display the image when you left click on the link to the file. You can then right click on the page to save the form to disk.

To avoid the picture being displayed, right click on the link, and select 'Save target as...' or similar. The JPEG file will then be downloaded without being displayed in the browser window.

Please note that both Netscape and Internet Explorer will print the JPEG file at the wrong resolution, and appoximately four times larger than A4. For the image to print correctly, you should save it to disk, and print it from a standard graphics package, such as Paint Shop Pro on a PC. This should produce a crisp A4 printout of the form, without the need for any scaling by the graphics software or the printed driver.

Whilst JPEG files can be viewed and printed using most graphics packages, please note that they should not be altered before printing.

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