MootingNet is pleased to offer help on how to moot to mooters who are having difficulties - for example queries on putting together a mooting speech, mooting formalities and the rules of mooting.

We do not provide 'specimen' answers to moot problems, and cannot give any legal advice.

We also ask the following:

  1. You must allow an absolute minimum of three working days between submitting your query and when you hope for a response. We aim to reply within 72 hours, but it can take longer. Sometimes MootingNet staff get to go on holiday...!
  2. Don't rely on MootingNet alone to provide the answer - although we will try and help, our resources are limited.
  3. The more specific the query, the more likely we are to be able to help. For example: 'How do I write a moot speech?' is more than we can handle!
  4. You must give an accurate email address. We regret that we are unable to respond by fax or telephone.
Although we do our best to provide useful and accurate information, users should note that the MootingNet terms of use, including a disclaimer, apply to this service.

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